Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Original Sewing and Quilting Expo

Ok, so I admit it. I am addicted to expo's. I have never been to an expo I didn't love.

Normally, I hate crowds, so what is the draw with an expo? I think it is the fact that at expo's more than any where else, you are introduced to products that you never knew you couldn't live without until the sales person showed you how much better your life would be with their product! Do I always fall for the sales pitch? No! But, if I can see how the product really would make my life better or easier and the price is worth it.....

And, of course, the Sewing Expo was no different from other expo's that I have been to. In fact, I think it was better because it is all about SEWING!! I was able to take classes from some of the best teachers in the industry- Hope Yoder, Connie Spurlock, Carol Steinbrecher, and the ever wonderful Cynthia Guffey are the instructors that I hit this year. There were lots of classes that I wanted to take, but I waited too long to register. I guess that's what happens when you are in the middle of a cross country move.

The displays were also fabulous, and the shopping!! Let's just say that I didn't spend nearly as much as I could have, or as much as I wanted to. I added to my pattern stash, of course. My biggest splurge was to get an Amy Butler pattern with the fabric to go with it. (Pics and review to come.) I also found some great sewing notions from Martelli (love their products!) and another book on pattern alterations that I will be reviewing. All in all, not too big of a haul. :)

Of course, there is always my wish list and next years expo......

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