Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Spring!

I just can't wait for spring and so, when I saw New Look 6104 and it practically screamed "SPRING!!", well I had to get it.

I was able to pick it up at my local Walmart for $2.97, which is pretty good! I wanted to get started on it right away and since I was in the fabric department getting the pattern..... I found some gingham of unknown fibers for $1.50 per yard and I thought that would be perfect for my muslin.  (I used to pattern fit, using the methods in "Fit for Real People" which I totally recommend, but the results have been less than stellar in trying to fit myself, so now I muslin everything.)

After measuring, I should probably have done a size 14, and a FBA, but being lazy, I decided to just go with a 16 and wing it. ;)  I have to say that I am pleased with the results. After making a few alterations that I then transferred to the pattern I can totally see myself making more versions of this pattern. It is a bit loose in the shoulder area, so one day I will do the 14, but for now, I am labeling New Look 6104 a TNT!!!

So, what alterations did I make? Well, first one happened in the paper pattern stage, before stitching up my muslin.  I simply pinned the pattern together and tried it on a la "Fit for Real People" and immediately knew that I was going to have to fix the gaping neckline.  So, I made a dart in the neckline that tapered to nothing in the armhole.  But, of course, there was no way to check the fit in the back other than to see that it was wide enough, so next I made the muslin.

The muslin turned out so cute, that since I had to put the placket on for proper fitting, I decided to go ahead and finish it.

The other changes that I made were: a seam down the back to remove 1/4" each side for a 1/2" total. And I put darts in the front! Yup, maybe should have done the 14, but .... The french darts work!

Conclusion: quick, easy to put together.  Few alterations needed. Now a TNT. Cute, wearable muslin, for under $4 (the card of buttons set me back a whopping $.67). While the fit isn't totally perfect, trying to get a perfect fit in the past has made me sew nothing, so I will enjoy this top as is. Altogether= total win!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sick Day= Sewing Day!

So, a few weeks back, I had to suddenly cancel all plans for the day because my 11yo started throwing up just before she was supposed to leave for school. And since she was home for the day, I thought that I might be able to get some sewing done of my own. Not so much. Instead, my daughter got some sewing done!

Several months ago, she expressed an interest in learning to sew and I found the Simplicity "Learn to Sew" line. And she picked some really cute flannel to sew a pair of pj pants. We washed the fabric and I showed her how to measure herself and select her size and cut the pattern.

And then... we moved cross country from DC back to UT! And the project was packed and forgotten by me. But, apparently not by a sick child who decided to follow me into the sewing room (dungeon) and start opening drawers and totes until I dug out the project and handed it to her.

 Before I knew it, my project was forgotten and her sewing machine was set up, threaded and I was anxiously watching over her as she pinned and cut her fabric. I tried to go back to my project, but I ran over at her every call and got nothing done.

But- the day was not a waste! Not a waste at all! I have a proud daughter with a finished pair of pj pants that she just loves! And I have created a monster! She is already planning her next project!

 I have to say that I highly recommend the "Learn to Sew" line from Simplicity! They had clear instructions that were easy for my 11yo to follow, even though she double checked everything with me. And she was able to complete the project in just a few hours.

Here she is in her pants! I waited until she was better to take photos because I refuse to make my kids pose when sick. :)
And the back-
And the side-
You may notice that they look a bit long, but 1. They are the right length when she actually has the waist band at her waist, but she never wears pants that way no matter how I try, and 2. They are PJ's, so who cares?