Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sew Serendipity Review for PR

The book is divided into sections, starting with an overview of basic fitting, tools of the trade and sewing techniques. The book then is divided into 3 sections- skirts, tunics and dresses, and jackets. There is a basic pattern for each section and instructions on how to do several variations for each basic pattern. The author also includes her original sketch for each variation as well as a photo of the finished product and a little blurb on her thoughts for each sketch and how it evolved into the finished product.

I found the book to be great for beginning sewers, but the designs are pretty enough to appeal to a wide range of levels. The layout leads to a progression of skills until the reader is able to tackle the jacket section. The photos are very colorful and interesting. The designs and the authors variations lead the reader to start to think of other variations that could be done on basic patterns.

The pattern sizing included in the book goes from xxs (b-32", W- 24", h-34") to xxl (b-44", w-36", h-46").

I originally purchased this book for my daughter, who is learning to sew, but I thought the patterns and variations were so pretty that she will have to wait until I am done with it! I already purchased some fabric for one of the skirts and will post a review when that is done.

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