Monday, April 4, 2011

Sew Serendipity Three-Fabric Skirt Completed

My original book review can be found here. If you don't have this book already, I highly recommend it!

I will probably wear it styled like this, but tucked the shirt in so I could show the cute pockets better.

I finished this skirt a couple of days ago, but didn't get around to photographing it until yesterday! All photo credits go to my 2 daughters!

This skirt turned out so cute! The only problem is that I lost some weight and now it is a little big. But, not to worry! I'm sure the food on the upcoming cruise will take care of that!

That said, I do plan on sewing up some of the other versions of this skirt. There are so many!

And here are just some more photos by my 10yr old. She has a lot of talent with the camera!

She loves the shoes, but boy do I need a pedicure!

This skirt was really easy to fit, easy and fairly quick to construct (when you aren't running into all kinds of distractions!) There are so many ways that this basic pattern could be done up. I also plan to take some of the fullness out and do more of a pencil skirt soon. I highly recommend this pattern and the book!

Bonus! I found out that I have a few Serendipity Studio patterns in my stash!


  1. It looks great. I've got that book and have the skirt on my ever growing list for spring.

  2. the skirt is really cute. Thanks for posting! I feel inspired to sew now!